How to create PR from Excel [Bill of Materials (BOM)]

Adding individual items takes a lot of time and effort. On ProcurementFlow you can just upload an Excel files (XLS, XLSX and CSV) easily to import items in seconds.

The ProcurementFlow BOM Excel structure (15KB)

Find PR column on ProcurementFlow Kanban Board and press [+].

Select Import from Excel option to move to the destination page and select your Excel/CSV file to start importing the file.

Note: If you need a template for your Excel sheet, you can click link below to download our sample spread sheet. You can enter your own data and import when you need to.

The ProcurementFlow BOM Excel structure (15KB)

Note: If you receive an error message when attempting to upload a spread sheet, it might be because of your spreadsheet row count. Currently, our row count is maximum 1,500 rows per Excel sheet.

Review if the import was successful. If you find something that needs to be edited you can click edit icon to make changes.

If the import was successful, you can start specifying your Purchase Request.
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